Da Vinci

Da Vinci is the most brilliant art master in Renaissance. He is a great philosopher with deep mind, painting artist, sculptor and art theorist. He is also a scientist with rich knowledge, engineer and inventor. Da Vinci is also a talented poet and musician. He touches wide fields and got terrific achievement. He is a shining star in the whole human history.
Oil painting was one of the ways that Da Vinci tried to understand the world. His painting creation didn鈥檛 take all his time and energy, even though, he achieved great art results.
Da Vinci was good at combining the painting art creation and science exploration. He is a unique artist in the world art history. He found that people鈥檚 visual effect could be affected by the distance of objects, the rain, fog, even dust; and the color is changing with distance. Based on this theory, he created the aerial perspective theory; the chiaroscuro was Da Vinci鈥檚 most important contribution in art. By using this painting method, he showed the space sense and three dimensional senses. In the early Renaissance, artist normally used lines to show the perspective with dull colors. Da Vinci studied the science of light and shade then invented the chiaroscuro. He began to depict the figures and science by the skills of light and shade and the painting art showed lively three-dimensional sense. It was common accepted that the chiaroscuro was a turning point of painting art. In high Renaissance, art was changed by this reason. From them on until the emerging of the Impressionism, people could not surpassed the three dimensional painting system.
Da Vinci summarized the skill and knowledge of anatomy perspective, light and shade, oil painting composition. In his book Treatise on Painting, in the beginning Da Vinci just wanted to record the objective description, but very soon, he started to study the perspective, proportion, geometry, optics, anatomy, then explored the mechanical kinetics math in universe. Treatise on Painting was edited from18 book notes of Da Vinci. The book was regarded as the most important document in the whole art history.
Though sometime Da Vinci鈥檚 interest to science made him didn鈥檛 want to paint, but painting was his initial career. He tried to study painting art as a kind of science. He finished only 12 complete paintings. The paintings were with apparent personal art style, each one was remarkable in art history.
Hence, oil painting of Da Vinci is milestone in art history.
We can say the high Renaissance started after his Last Supper. He influenced many following artists including Michelangelo, Raphael, etc.
In Da Vinci鈥檚 art legacy, there were many sketch drawings.
In fact, each of his painting was finished based on sketch drawing. Same as his formal paintings, the drawings were finished with excellent level and were regarded as the models of the sketch art.

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