Bonaparte et son armee en Egypte

Artist: Jean Leon Gerome
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Hand painted oil painting reproduction on canvas of Bonaparte et son armee en Egypte by artist Jean Leon Gerome as gift or decoration by customer order.

  • Bonaparte et son armee en Egypte
  • Bonaparte et son armee en Egypte

No.: Jean-Leon-Gerome-0028

Oil painting sizes:

Standard size:
20 wide x 16 high inch Price:$172.00
24 wide x 20 high inch Price:$222.59
36 wide x 24 high inch Price:$289.36
40 wide x 30 high inch Price:$354.12
48 wide x 36 high inch Price:$455.29
72 wide x 48 high inch Price:$870.12
Original aspect ratio size:
Maintains the image proportions
24 wide x 15.94 high inch Price:$191.78
36 wide x 23.9 high inch Price:$288.74
48 wide x 31.87 high inch Price:$417.31
72 wide x 47.81 high inch Price:$866.83
Customer size:
Maintain image proportion
Optional size of  Wide & High: 16inch~120inch
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