When the Baroque art declined from the prosperous stage, Rococo art came into being with gentle and soft painting style. Rococo art sought the art joy and demanded to be more free art subjects. Rococo painting colors were magnificent and graceful. Artists tried to paint the figures perfected and plump. They chose the Greek and Roman myths as the oil painting subjects since that were very popular in people. Rococo art style was closely connected with the feudal noble’s life. After Louis XIV passed away, the noble’s life became free. As a king, le Bien-Aime did not care about the nation affairs. He enjoyed life with many lovers, Marquise de Pompadour was one of his lovers. She advocated and developed the Rococo art and brought it into a dominant art position in the 18th century.
Rococo art was started from French. As a kind of art style, Rococo opposites to the Baroque art. But the painting subjects were also about nobles. Mostly Rococo paintings were king’s and noble''s portrait painting. In the early stage of the 18th century, Rococo art mainly depicted the up-society love in life. They painted full nude painting, half nude woman painting and their magnificent dresses. Figures in this period became prosperous and soft. Rococo art casted off the limitation of religion subjects. The art feeling were normally cordial and joyful, the scene in oil paintings were luxury and comfortable that replaced the suffering in religion painting. We can say the Rococo art was more close to life than paintings in the past.

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