China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Apr.9, 2022

Apr.9, 2022

Testimonial from Jean, 5503 SORINNES, Belgium

We are very happy with your service and the paintings of Rousseau we commissioned. The replica is amazing. Your artist did a great job. I love the details and the colour tone. 


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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Mar.20, 2022

Mar.20, 2022

Testimonial from Mark, Oakville, Ontario L6J 0B2, Canada

Both my wife and I said “Wow!” when we opened the package. I regret we didn’t find your gallery early. The painting quality is outstanding, real museum quality, real hand painted. We will definitely be a returning customer. 

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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Feb.16, 2022

Feb.16, 2022

Testimonial from Jennifer, OH 43201, United States

Just received my new painting. I love it so much. Thank you again. 


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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Jan.10, 2022

Jan.10, 2022

Testimonial from David, Seattle, Washington 98117, United States

I ordered this painting Watersnakes of Klimt, now the painting is framed and on the wall, I am ecstatic. It not only commands attention, the more I look at it, the more I like it.  Thank you.  


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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Dec.6, 2021

Dec.6, 2021

Testimonial from Nils, Aerzen, 31855, Germany

I’m very pleased with the painting quality. The texture and color tone are professional. I’ll choose some other paintings of our favorite artists then come back to you.

Good luck in your business!


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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Nov.22, 2021

Nov.22, 2021

Testimonial from Amie, LA , 70435, United States

Thank you very much. It looks great in the photo.

Please ship it when it is dry out.

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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Oct.23, 2021

Oct.23, 2021

Testimonial from Phil, San Diego, CA 92121

I fell in love with William Turner paintings. I tried to find a good gallery in Google. I’ve viewed your works in your website. I believe they are true hand painted instead of printings. This is the most important reason I choose you. When I received the painting, I was thrilled. Your artist is really professional. It’s worth to wait one month. I have some others to paint. I’ll send you the images and sizes for a quote.

Best regards.

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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Sep.10, 2021

Sep.10, 2021

Testimonial from Brian, Brisbane, 4053, Queensland, Australia

Very nice replica! I asked to paint the color tone fresher and more vivid than the original. You did a great job!


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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Aug.12, 2021

Aug.12, 2021

Testimonial from Tony, 22765 Hamburg, Germany

Very good online gallery. The quality is fantastic. It’s very close to the original. I trust your painting quality and I’ve told some of my friends you provide professional art service. It’s my good luck to find a reliable art supplier. 


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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Jul.9, 2021

Jul.9, 2021

Testimonial from Petter, 1248 Canton of Geneva, Switzerland

Got painting in good shape. Looks pretty good. I need to find a suitable frame now. 


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