China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Feb.24, 2014

Feb.24, 2014, Testimonial from Ivan, New York, NY 10282, USA

We received the 2 landscape paintings today. The real paintings look much better than the photos you have sent before shipping. We are now moving to our new house. This is just a test order as I mentioned. We need to buy more. I prefer to choose some more abstract paintings in the following order. See you next week.

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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Feb.16, 2014

Feb.16, 2014, Testimonial from Robert, Derbyshire, De6 2JU, United Kingdom

I got the painting replica last week. And just take them back after framing. It’s really beautiful. I love the color, only very good artist can finish it in this grade. Thank you very much!

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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Jan.28, 2014

Jan.28, 2014, Testimonial from Jeff, Tulsa Oklahoma ,74120 , USA

I just come back from my business trip and signed the delivery. The painting is wonderful. It is completely what I expected. Your artist is talented. I hope you can paint more for us in the future. I'm planning to paint a Delacroix painting very soon, I need to make sure about the size first. See you soon.

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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Jan.12, 2014

Jan.12, 2014, Testimonial from John, CA 90403 USA

My friend Michael recommend your gallery strongly. He'd bought two Thomas Hill paintings. I love Claude Monet paintings, so I test this small order: Misty Morning on the Seine. This painting looks simple, in fact NOT, I can't believe the replica is so close to the original! Your artist is superb. This result is much better than my expectation. Thank you very much. We'll come back for new paintings soon.

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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Dec.10, 2013

Dec.10, 2013 Testimonial from Mark, 2013 12 11

Thank you for following up. Yes, I have received the paintings after my business trip. The paintings are even more beautiful than the photos. It's truly amazing. I don't have a chance to buy an original Da Vinci painting, your work realized my dream. I have other paintings in my mind, I'd like to reproduce them soon. I'll be in touch soon. 

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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Nov.16, 2013

Nov.16, 2013. Bruce S from CA  94027, United States

I received my painting  "The kiss" of Klimt. I asked to paint by a rectangle composition considering my wall for hanging it up. The painting reproduction is as beautiful as the original, it's beautiful! Your artist is professional. Now I get a sense about the quality that you can provide. I want to order more. I'll measure my wall sizes and choose  images then come back to you. 

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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Oct.20, 2013

Oct.20, 2013, Testimonial from Tim, 2053, Akershus, Norway

I have received the painting and sent it to frame. I was amazed by the essence of the painting, your artist is talented. My mum love it as well, she looked it like a treasure !

Enjoy your business life, it is artistic. 

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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Sep.27, 2013

Sep.27, 2013. Testimonial from  Eleanor B, 6265NK, Limburg, Netherlands

Hi, we enjoy the beautiful painting Allegory of Spring, it is a such a famous painting, I’d ever seen some different versions of oil painting reproductions of this. Mine is superb! We appreciate your staff to finish it so fine. Have a great day!

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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Sep.4, 2013

Sep.4, 2013. Daniel from TX 76034, United States

My friend recommend China Oil Painting Gallery to me. I was hesitant about the order because Pieter Bruegel painting includes too many details like small figures, buildings… I was delighted when you sent me the finished painting photo! And the real painting is even more beautiful. All small parts were treated seriously. I appreciate your artist, he is skilled with great patience. I'll share your gallery info to my friends. 

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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Aug.10, 2013

Aug.10, 2013. Eric from Tirol, Austria

I got my painting yesterday and I just open the parcel a moment ago. Strong package. I’m delighted about the painting quality. You are wonderful! I have already recommended your gallery to my friends. Thank you very much!

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