China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Sep.29, 2016

Sep.29, 2016. Testimonial from Rachel. Miami, FL 33166, USA

My paintings arrived 3 days ago. They are beautiful!! I’d ever bought some paintings from another gallery. They are even more famous than your gallery. Your working process is not that fast, but when I received my paintings, I understand why. My paintings are really hand painted instead of printings / half printings + half hand painted work. I want to say China Oil Painting Gallery is honest and reliable. I appreciate your service. 

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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Sep.7, 2016

Sep.7, 2016. Testimonial from Arthur, 3068, Victoria, Australia

We are delighted with the PERFECT painting. We appreciate your detailed / patient work. We will definitely be back when we need other paintings. Thanks again.

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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Aug.25, 2016

Aug.25, 2016. Testimonial from Norbert, 56073 Koblenz, Germany

I appreciate your service. Your painting quality is very impressive, thank you and your artist. BTW, your price is reasonable considering the painting quality. 

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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Aug.7, 2016

Aug.7, 2016. Testimonial from Michael. Zürich, 8032, Switzerland

I have been meaning to say thank you for a long time. My painting is fabulous. Thank you for your professional work. It’s a gift for my girlfriend. She loves it so much. 


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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Jul.12, 2016

Jul.12, 2016. Testimonial from Rita. Tucson, AZ 85741, United States

I have received my beautiful painting this morning. We are grateful for your work. Everyone is happy with it. My little daughter kept asking questions about it   

Thank you very much!


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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Jul.6, 2016

Jul.6, 2016, Testimonial from Jurgen, 8707, Zürich, Switzerland

Hi, I have received my beautiful painting and sent it for framing. We are thrilled with the fine quality. I can see your effort for the details finish. Your artist is dedicated! I respect man like this in my life. I’m sure we will order others in future from you.

I wish you good luck in your business.


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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Jun.19, 2016

Jun.19, 2016.Testimonial from Paul, GL14 1PL, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

I just received my painting. I wanted to say it looks absolutely amazing. Thank you very much. I’m considering another landscape painting form my bed room. I’ll come back soon.


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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Jun.4, 2016

Jun.4, 2016. Testimonial from Rick.  259955), Singapore

I got my painting two weeks ago and had it framed. I love this painting for a long time already. I’m very happy to have a replica for myself. Your professional painting skill and your perfect service made my dream come true. Thank you very much!


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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - May.27, 2016

May.27, 2016. Testimonial from Heidi, Tennessee,37160,United States

I want to thank you for your effort to finish my painting in such good quality. 

I have another portrait project for you. I need to choose a good photo first. See you soon.


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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - May.19, 2016

May.19, 2016. Testimonial from Greg, Missouri 63131,USA

My mum was blown away when she get the painting last week. In the beginning when I planed  to buy a painting from a gallery I’d never familiar, you can imagine there is a trepidation in my mind. I appreciate your patience during our communication. You are an excellent businessman because you provide excellent paintings and reliable service. Congratulations!


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