China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Feb.12, 2015

Feb.12, 2015. Testimonial from Martin, Chicago, IL  60606, USA

I’d like to appreciate your incredible painting quality. My client was amazed when I brought the painting to him. Every figure in the painting was treated seriously as he said. We can see the time you have spent and the see the effort in each brushstrokes. I can’t believe how magnificent it is! Please forward my warm regards to your artist. Thank you. I’ll recommend your gallery without any hesitation. 



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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Jan.26, 2015

Jan.26, 2015. Testimonial from Roberta, New York NY 10011, USA

I received my painting and just sent it for framing. I love the fine details and fabulous quality. It’s nice to communicate with you during the painting process. I appreciate your patience about my questions. Thank you and your artist!

Best regards. 


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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Jan.5, 2015

Jan.5, 2015. Testimonial from Carl, Tx 78023, USA

Thank you for the fine painting reproduction and reliable service. I’ll always recommend China Oil Painting Gallery to my friends. 


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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Dec.22, 2014

Dec.22, 2014.Testimonial from Chris, S.C. 29909, USA

Thank you so much for the beautiful oil painting. It’s a fabulous reproduction with rich fine details. I appreciate your patience during the painting process. I’m very satisfied with your service. I wish you a Merry Christmas!

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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Dec.4, 2014

Dec.4, 2014. Testimonial from Mark ,CA 90012, USA

I received my painting today. It’s awesome!! This is the first time I buy a painting from China. I’ll come back soon.


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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Nov.27, 2014

Nov.27, 2014. Testimonial from Eugeny, Moscow, Zip 125413, Russia

Thank you. My painting is very well finished. I can see the difference between the reproduction and the original. But I love it. It’s really hand painted reproduction instead of printing. Your artist is skillful. By the painting brushstroke, I feel he was relax and confident when painting. Thanks again!


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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Nov.23, 2014

Nov.23, 2014. Testimonial from Kevin, NJ 07960, USA

Happy experience for buying oil painting from China Oil Painting Gallery. Your gallery is brilliant. Your artists are skillful. I wish to express my appreciate for reproducing such beautiful works. 

We’ll hang up the paintings when we get them framed. 

Best wishes for you all.


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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Nov.5, 2014

Nov.5, 2014. Testimonial from Romuald, 75011 Paris, France 

This time I ordered 2 paintings from you China Oil Painting Gallery. Now I received the paintings and I’m very pleased with the both. I appreciate your work. You have sent some painting sample photos before  I confirmed the order. I should say the finished paintings are as good as the samples. You are honest in your business. When I receive the paintings, my wife was thrilled. She is more professional than me about arts. She has shared your gallery info with some of her friends I know. 

All the best!

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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Oct.21, 2014

Oct.21, 2014. Testimonial from Randy, New Jersey 08091, United States

Very nice painting reproductions, your artist is great! Thank you for your service. 


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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Oct.12, 2014

Oct.12, 2014. Testimonial from Rachel, Salt Lake City, 84111, Utah, USA

Thank you and thank your artist. It’s worth to wait 4 weeks. I’m extremely satisfied with the painting quality. I said in my previous email, I want to buy only hand painted paintings, not printings. I know printings are more close to the originals, and handy works have some distinguish with the originals. Anyway, hand painted are real arts. China Oil Painting Gallery is a reliable seller. 

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