China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Sep.30, 2014

Sep.30, 2014, Testimonial from Bill, FL 33160, USA

I'm a gallery owner here. I'm lucky to find an oil painting supplier like you. Your painting quality is superior. I'm very happy with the result. I will not hesitate to come back to you when my clients need other paintings. 

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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Sep.22, 2014

Sep.22, 2014. Testimonial from Elaina, IL 60301, United States

I received my painting last week. The painting term is longer than I expected. But when I opened the package, I understand you. The paintings are really hand painted. I’d ever bought some paintings from other online galleries. They work faster than you. But the paintings were flat, flat. No texture, can’t feel the brushstrokes. I’d ever wondered were that real handy works? Your service is honest! China Oil Painting Gallery is superb! Please forward my warm regards to your artist. 

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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Sep.7, 2014

Sep.7, Testimonial from Patrice, 7170, TAS, Australia

My paintings arrived yesterday. They are fabulous! I love the fine brushstrokes and the texture. Your artist is excellently. In fact I didn't expect too much in the beginning. The finished paintings are really museum quality. Your working process is not that fast, now I understand why. I appreciate your effort on each detail. 

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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Jul.26, 2014

Jul.26, 2014. Testimonial from Albert, 10926, New York, United States

I just signed the delivery of my paintings. I'm very pleased with the quality. Thank you very much! We'll come back to you in the future.

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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Aug.19, 2014

Aug.19, 2014. Testimonial from Erin, 2200, Antwerpen, Belgium

I just received my big beautiful paintings. They are for my office deco. My two friends thrilled when I opened the package. They asked where I bought them  and I recommended your gallery to them for sure. Thanks a lot for your work. 

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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Aug.3, 2014

Aug.3, 2014 Testimonial from Ronald, TX 75205, United States

I have received my paintings last week and I just have time to open the package. I'm delighted, you did great job my dear friend!! One of the 2 paintings (Bouguereau, Regina Angelorum ) includes amount of figures and details. Your artist is professional with great patience, he must spend a lot of time. Please forward my sincerely appreciate to him / her. Painting “Winslow Homer, boys in a pasture” is not big, but your artist seems very skillful. Great work! I'm planning to order some abstract paintings. I'll come back to you when I get the images and sizes ready.

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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Jul.29, 2014

Jul.29, 2014.Testimonial from Benjamin, 39901,Northern Territory 0820, AUSTRALIA

Thank you China Oil Painting Gallery. My painting just arrived and quality is really very good. I will recommend your gallery to my friends. 

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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Jul.20, 2014

Jul.20, 2014. Testimonial from Halter, 3768 HG, Utrecht, Netherlands

I just received my painting Vermeer's Girl with a Pearl Earring. It's superb! I love Vermeer's paintings very much. I appreciate your gallery provide real hand painted works, the quality is true museum quality. I get real arts from you instead of printings. Thank you!

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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Jul.12, 2014

Jul.12, 2014, Testimonial from Noya, 43300, Selangor, Malaysia

I received my two landscape paintings today. They are excellent! I’ll be ordering more paintings in the near future. 

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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Jun.15, 2014

Jun.15, 2014. Testimonial from Joseph, LONDON, SW19 1TF, UK

Thank you. My painting arrived yesterday, an Edgar Degas painting, Blue Dancers. It is well finished. I love it very much. Please forward my sincerely regards to your artist. I assume he'll be famous in the future. 

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