China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Jul.12, 2015

Jul.12, 2015. Testimonial from Phillip, GA 30189, USA

I have received my painting. My wife and I were overjoyed with the quality. We are attracted by the workmanship of the painting. Thanks a lot!


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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Jun.19, 2015

Jun.19, 2015. Testimonial from Bill, GLENWOOD NSW 2148, Australia

Thanks for your faithful work. The paintings are real hand painted museum quality. I appreciate your effort about the color tone changing of the painting “Portrait of Marquise de Pompadour” .

This is the 2nd time I buy paintings from you. I have a friend he is an artist. He doesn’t paint classical paintings, but when he saw my paintings, he was amazed as well. He said your artist is professional. Please forward my sincerely regards to him.



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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Jun.10, 2015

Jun.10, 2015, Testimonial from Burton, Las Vegas, NV 89113, USA

I received my painting last week. I appreciate your brilliant artist. Seems he is very skilled and professional. It’s now showing in my office. My friends were amazed and asked where I bought from. I have shared your gallery to them without any reservations. I’m looking forward to cooperate with you again in the new future.


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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - May.20, 2015

May.20, 2015, Testimonial from Stefan, 1325 South Lamar Street Dallas, TX 

Today I have received my painting and am so happy with the quality. It’s fabulous. I’d ever bought an oil painting from your gallery. This time the painting is same good. 

Thanks for your effort. We’ll come back when we have new buying plan.



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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - May.6, 2015

May.6, 2015, Testimonial from Whitney, Boston, MA 02210, United States

We want to thank you and your artist for the superior painting quality. I was amazed when we opened the package. It’s worth to wait 4 weeks. The painting speaks your professionism for your business.


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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Apr.27, 2015

Apr.27, 2015, Testimonial from Randy, Hampshire, SO23 8SD, UNITED KINGDOM

This portrait is for my daughter and son. They are grown up now. When I show this portrait to my children, they said WOW! For sure they’d never expected such an unique gift. We love it. Thanks for your talented artist!

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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Apr.7, 2015

Apr.7, 2015, Testimonial from Stewart, NY 11743, USA

I order the this Turner painting reproduction for my husband. He loves this painting image and use it as his computer laptop background.  I didn’t tell him before we received the painting. You can imagine how delighted he was when I take the painting to him !

Thanks for your artist and your perfect service. China Oil Painting Gallery is great!


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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Mar.28, 2015

Mar.28, 2015. Testimonial from Allison, Washington, DC 20006, USA

I have received my painting last week. It’s very beautiful. I buy it for my mum’s birthday. She was so happy when I brought the painting to her. 

God bless you!


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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Mar.12, 2015

Mar.12, 2015. Testimonial from Ramos, PA 19103, USA

We just received our order of 3 paintings. Your customer service is exceptional, and the painting quality is worth the price. I’ll definitely come back to you when we need other paintings. 


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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Feb.26, 2015

Feb.26, 2015. Testimonial from Kathy,  Denver, CO  80202, United States

My paintings are well done. Please pay my great homage to your artist. Each stroke in the paintings is well finished, I can see your artist spent enough time. In fact I’d got lower quotation from other gallery, but quality is more important for me.


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