1.How to choose the best oil painting in www.ChinaOilPaintingGallery.com ?
Part 1: We have listed the most popular oil painting artists in Famous Artists;
Part 2: In alphabetical order, we listed more artist name and their painting images.
Meanwhile, all the painting images are listed in relating art subjects and art movements. For any oil painting that you want to paint, you can put order online directly.
Part 3: Original painting by order:
We are representing original painting artists’ art work.
For the original painting artists’ work, if you are fond of the style, you can buy the painting currently we have. Or you can put order to have a customer one by your needs. We’ll arrange the same artist to paint for you.

2.How to put a customer order?
If you can’t find the painting images in our website, please send us the image files by email. chinaoilpaintinggallery@yahoo.com After seeing the painting files from you we’ll quote the exact price.
For an oil painting, if you find the image version is not so good and you can provide a better image, please contact us before painting.
If you just want to paint an oil painting like a landscape that you take the photo from a trip, or you want to create a special oil painting by the image that you get from anywhere, please send us the images and tell us the required sizes, we’ll quote the price for you.

3.Is your price reasonable?
In our website each painting is quoted by considering about the painting composition, art style, and art subject then quoted the price manually for museum quality that we can arrange the best artist for each painting; that’s why our painting prices are reasonable and competitive.

4.How about your artist level?
Our artists are all well educated from academic school. In long term painting practice, they can finish painting reproduction maximum similar with the original painting.

5.Can I see some painting samples about the quality?
Sure, you can see some sample painting photos and view the painting quality from our finished orders. Please notice these painting photos could only show you a simple sense of quality. When you see the actual painting in a suitable space and light, the painting texture, the taste of art will be much more touching.

6.How can you guarantee painting quality?
Our paintings are 100% hand painted oil on canvas/oil on linen without using any high tech equipment. We have a strict quality control system to guarantee the stable art quality.

7.How about the painting material?
Mostly we paint by oil on canvas or oil on linen; we can also paint by acrylic by your requirement.

8.Can I see the painting quality before delivery?
Yes, when we finish the painting, we’ll take the painting photo to show you the painting quality before delivery. If the quality can’t meet your requirement, we’ll arrange our artist to improve it.

9.How to pay for an order?
We can accept paying by PayPal, Western Union or bank transfer. The AUTO paying system on line is by PayPal. If you don’t use PayPal, please contact us before putting orders.

10.Do I need to pay before painting?
Yes. Like any other eCommerce sales system, you need to pay before we arrange the order to our artists. When we finish the paintings, we’ll show you the painting quality.

11.Do you supply painting frame?
For all paintings we supply only oil painting on canvas WITHOUT frames.
By our experience, delivery only painting is much more safe than sending with a frame; and sending only painting canvas can save delivery cost for you. That’s why mostly our clients choose painting frame in their local.

12.How about the delivery term?
For an oil painting, we normally need around 2 weeks to one month to finish the painting by different painting composition and quantity.

13.How do you deliver the paintings?
We use Express including DHL, TNT, EMS…to deliver the paintings. We’ll choose the most efficient way by different country and regions.

14.Can you deliver by Drop Ship?
We can do drop ship. When you confirm the order, please provide the detailed delivery information as well.

15.If you want to develop agents in different place?
Yes, we always welcome new clients to sale our oil paintings in different place. If you are a new one in oil painting business and interested in this field, please Contact Us for further assistant. We’ll do our best to cooperate with you.