China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Jul.19, 2012

Testimonial from Cecilia, California 94010, United States

This is my first time to buy an oil painting from China. I worried about the quality until I receive the real painting yesterday. It’s a stunning I should say. I’ll hang it above my sofa after framing. I’m most grateful for your perfect service. For sure we’ll buy more in the future. 

Best regards.

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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Jun.22, 2012

Jun.22, Testimonial from Mark, PO17 5JG, Hampshire, United Kingdom

I get the paintings today, La Grande Jatte, Georges Seurat. Great replicas as I expected. Before confirming the order, I was afraid you don’t have a suitable artist to paint like Seurat’s pointillism. Thank you very much! Your artist is professional. I’m very happy with the painting. 

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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - May.25, 2012

Testimonial from Steve, 3768 HG, Utrecht, Netherlands

I would like to thank you and your perfect service. The painting is quite elegant. I love them. Please forward my appreciate to your artist. He did a great work!

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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Apr.25, 2012

Testimonial from John,  London, United Kingdom

I ordered this painting Portrait of Queen Elisabeth I one month ago and now I receive it.

I’m so exciting to see the real painting. Much more beautiful than the photo you’d sent to us. I’ll bring it to framer. We are planning to make another order one week later. Also Queen Elisabeth I.

Thanks again for your service. 

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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Mar.16, 2012

Timothy from St. Meinrad IN 47577, USA

This is the 2nd time I buy paintings from your gallery. Again the paintings are superb. 

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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - 02-24-2012


I received the 2 paintings. Both are blessed pieces. I’m delighted about the quality. They are wonderful. 

I’m thinking to order a portrait painting from photo for my wife. She loves the photo, I’ll send you later on. Thanks for your great work in advance. 

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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - 01-20-2012

Andreas from San Jose, CA    95112, United States

Before confirming this order online, I didn’t expect too much. I just need a painting to decorate the wall in my house. Until you send me the finished painting photo, I realized you are so professional. The artist must be very talent. Many thanks for your service. 

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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - 2011-12-30

Testimonial from Scott  [6343, Zug, Switzerland]

DHL Express delivered my painting today. It’s a superb oil painting reproduction. Great job out of my expectation. I’m so happy with your work! 

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Why do you need oil painting reproductions?

In our life, as an art lovers, we go to art exhibitions, to view famous artist's master pieces. It's a more than kind of life style; it's a method to nourish our soul. We need art like we need sunshine and water. Sometime you might not even know you need art that much. 

Life is not easy, like river is blocked by rocks, by mountains; like sunshine is covered by clouds…then you need to find the truth of your life. Fine art just provides the answers.

You'll find different answers from different arts and artists. Those oil paintings, sculptures contain the religious meanings, the art languages tell you how life it is, speaks life joy and pain, trigger your energy and hope. 

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