China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - May.19, 2018

Testimonial from Patrick, 8702, ZH, Switzerland

May.19, 2018

I ordered a Van Gogh painting replica from China Oil Painting Gallery. The artist finished it very well. It looks excellent in my house. I will be ordering another piece soon when I get the size confirmed. 

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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - May.8, 2018

Testimonial from Frank, Florida 33154, USA

May.8, 2018

I must say we could not be happier with the paintings quality. Though you don’t work fast, we can feel your craftsmanship by the painting texture and color tone. Your artist is wonderful. Please kindly forward my respect for him!

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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Apr.21, 2018

Testimonial from Joseph, IP237BD, Suffolk, United Kingdom

Apr.21, 2018

Hi, we have received our painting yesterday. 

I’m delighted and very pleased with the quality of the painting. I’m sure we’ll do more business in the future.

Please forward my sincerely regards to your artist. 

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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Apr.7, 2018

Testimonial from Rachael, Virginia 24153, United States Apr.7, 2018

Thanks again for your brilliant quality. I’m satisfied with all the details. I’m sure we will be using your service again. Will recommend your gallery to my friends without any hesitation.

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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Mar.27, 2018

Testimonial from Jack, Sydney, NSW 2065, Australia

Mar.27, 2018

Thank you for the wonderful painting. I brought it for framing, the framer asked me the price. He said "considering the quality you earn big!" Ha! Ha!

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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Mar.11, 2018

Testimonial from Max, G759GE, South Lanarkshire, United Kingdom Mar.11, 2018, 

My painting arrived last week and I’ll take it for framing later. I must say your gallery is reliable. You provide real hand painted works. I’m lucky that I found your gallery to process my painting projects. I’ll be back soon.

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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Feb.24, 2018

Testimonial from Emily, SE-41501, Gothenburg, Sweden

Feb.24, 2018

I’ve received my painting and appreciated your artist for the wonderful handy work! And thanks a lot for your nice service. China Oil Painting Gallery is professional!

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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Feb.5, 2018

Testimonial from Joan, Ohio 43615, USA

Feb.5, 2018

We are very happy about the painting replica. It looks amazing in the location we have set it. Please forward our kind regards to your artist. He / she did a great job. 

We’ll come back for some new paintings soon.

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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Jan.20, 2018

Testimonial from Thomas, CB8 9TR, CAMBS, United Kingdom

Jan.20, 2018

I’m an artist but I’m not major in all painting subjects and style. You are helpful about the paintings that I can’t paint by myself. Hope we can cooperate in long term. Thanks!

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China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Jan.12, 2018

Testimonial from Cindy, Birmingham, Michigan 48009, United States

Jan.12, 2018

I decided to buy this Klimt painting replica because I love the original work so much. For sure for me not a chance to have the original. Ha! Ha!

I tried to find a gallery who can provide true hand painted oil paintings. I’m lucky I find your gallery. My painting is finished very well with lively colors and fine details. Thanks for your professional work.

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