The most famous artists in high Renaissance were Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael and Titian. They created many art works including oil painting and sculpture. They brought the art spirit in Renaissance into a prosperous stage and created brilliant Renaissance art.
In this stage, the Italian society was filled with complex contradiction that influenced the artists'' life and their painting creation. The experience of painting artist life and their art inspiration triggered their world views. Many great art masters produced solemn and vigorous human body paintings. The paintings reflected their deep understanding about the reality world.
The humanism spirit, art in Renaissance advocated that art should combine with the natural world and supported the release of humanism. Though many oil paintings in this period were still religion subjects, they had begun depicting ordinary people. In his Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, the artist Michelangelo depicted the god is a kind person he advocated the human strength by the god image. In his painting art, human is the master of the world.
Oil painting in high Renaissance showed great realistic character. Artists in this period paid more attention to nature and social life. When painting the religion painting, they tried to make the figures lively. In Renaissance, artists began depicting the natural life and the countryside subjects, their paintings included the nature.
The art development closely related to the scientific development then. Artist studied the painting skills, the perspective method, the chiaroscuro, the color matching, etc. Except painting skill, they also attached importance to the innovation of the painting materials. And the oil painting on canvas was born in this period, the copperplate paintings and panel paintings were also appeared. Many artists tried to use new painting materials. That was an important feature of the art development in Renaissance.
Renaissance art influenced the Europe art history greatly.

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