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Madonna di Loreto (Madonna with Pilgrims)
Famous artist: Caravaggio
Oil painting on canvas; Size: 280x150cm; Sant'Agostino, Rome.

The Madonna di Loreto is a famous painting (1604–1606) by the Italian Baroque artist Caravaggio. The oil painting depicts the apparition of the barefoot virgin and naked child to two peasants on a pilgrimage.
Like many of Caravaggio's Roman paintings, such as the Conversion on the Way to Damascus or the Calling of St Matthew, the scene in this oil painting is a moment where everyday common man (or woman) encounters the divine, whose appearance is also not unlike that of a common man (or woman). The woman modelling Mary appears to be the same as that in the canvas in the Galleria Borghese: The Madonna and Child with St. Anne (Dei Palafrenieri) (Madonna with the Serpent (Madonna Palafrenieri)) (1605).

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