China Oil Painting Gallery supply Farmhouse with Peat Stacks of Vincent van Gogh by customer sizes, museum quality painting reproduction on canvas for sale by 100% hand painted.

  • Farmhouse with Peat Stacks

Farmhouse with Peat Stacks

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Farmhouse with Peat Stacks;
Drente, October-November 1883;
Oil on canvas, 37.5 x 55.5 cm;
Amsterdam, Van Gogh Museum;
(Vincent van Gogh Foundation).

In autumn 1883, van Gogh mainly painted peasants' cottages. Van Gogh expressed his inner feeling by the humble cottages. In wind, the cottages looked small and pity, just like himself about the need for an anonymity and concealment. Then under the life pressure, van Gogh became more melancholy than ever.

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