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The coronation of napoleon

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The Coronation of Napoleon
Artist: Jacques Louis David
Oil painting on canvas; Size: 621x979cm; Louvre, Paris.

The Coronation of Napoleon (French: Le Sacre de Napoléon) is a painting completed in 1807 by Jacques Louis David, the official painter of Napoleon. The painting has imposing dimensions, as it is almost ten meters wide by approximately six meters tall. The crowning and the coronation took place at Notre-Dame de Paris, a way for Napoleon to make it clear that he was a son of the Revolution.
The art work was commissioned by Napoleon orally in September 1804 and its official title is Consecration of the Emperor Napoleon I and Coronation of the Empress Josephine in the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris on 2 December 1804. Jacques-Louis David started work on 21 December 1805 in the former chapel of the College of Cluny, near the Sorbonne, which served as a workshop. Assisted by his student Georges Rouget, he put the finishing touches in November 1807. From 7 February to 21 March 1808, the work was exhibited at the Salon annual painting display in 1810, and it was presented to the decennial prize competition. The painting remained the property of David until 1819, when it was transferred to the Royal Museums, where it was stored in the reserves until 1837. Then, it was installed in the Chamber Sacre of the museum of the historical Palace of Versailles on the orders of King Louis-Philippe. In 1889, the painting was transferred to the Louvre from Versailles and replaced there with a full-size replica - this replica had been begun by David himself in 1808 and completed during his exile in Brussels.

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