• Isenheim Altarpiece (second view)

Isenheim Altarpiece (second view)

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Isenheim Altarpiece: Crucifixion; Resurrection.
Artist: Matthias Grunewald; Painting on panel; Size: 269x307 cm, 269x143 cm; Musee d'Unterlinden, Colmar.

The most famous painting of Matthias Grunewald is the Isenheim Altarpiece, completed 1515, The painting includes nine images on twelve panels that arranged on double wings to present three views (rather than just the open and closed states of triptych altarpieces), according to the season or occasion, displayed different scenes to meet different liturgical requirements. The first view with the outer wings closed shows a Crucifixion flanked by Saint Sebastien and Saint Anthony, with a predella showing the entombment. When the first set of wings is opened, the Annunciation, Angelic Concert (sometimes interpreted as the Birth of Ecclesia) Mary bathing Christ, and Resurrection are displayed. The third view discloses a carved and gilded wood altarpiece by Nicolas Hagenau, flanked by the Temptation of St. Anthony and Anthony's visit to Saint Paul. As well as being by far his greatest surviving work, the altarpiece contains most of his surviving painting by surface area, being 2.65 meters high and over 5 meters wide at its fullest extent.
The visionary character of Isenheim Altarpiece's painting art, with its expressive color and line, is in stark contrast to oil painting of Durer. His paintings are famous of the dramatic forms, vivid colors, and depiction of light.

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