China Oil Painting Gallery Reviews - Nov.5, 2014

Nov.5, 2014. Testimonial from Romuald, 75011 Paris, France 

This time I ordered 2 paintings from you China Oil Painting Gallery. Now I received the paintings and I’m very pleased with the both. I appreciate your work. You have sent some painting sample photos before  I confirmed the order. I should say the finished paintings are as good as the samples. You are honest in your business. When I receive the paintings, my wife was thrilled. She is more professional than me about arts. She has shared your gallery info with some of her friends I know. 

All the best!



Artist: Baciccio

Painting name: Apotheosis of the Franciscan Order

Order size: 36 wide x 51.5 high inch

Oil painting reproduction - Baciccio, Apotheosis of the Franciscan Order

Artist: Leonardo da Vinci

Painting name: Madonna Litta

Oil painting reproduction - Leonardo da Vinci, Madonna Litta

Order size:  Order size: 20 wide x 25.5 high inch