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Coronation of the Virgin

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Coronation of the Virgin
Artist: Fra Angelico; Tempera on panel; Size:240x211 cm; Louvre, Paris.

In the painting Coronation of the Virgin, the artist Fra Angelico painted from the low point of view, the perspective of the floor tiles and the steps of polychrome marble render the work painted in c. 1430 for the altar of San Domenico in Fiesole even more majestic: the Gothic baldachin is set in a measurable, three dimensional space, inspired by the innovations of Masaccio. The Virgin is kneeling in an attitude of humility, while Christ places on her head the crown of pure gold of which the Psalms speak. The figures are accompanied by numerous inscriptions on the borders of the cloaks or on the haloes, referring to the liturgy: the exaltation of Christ as Lamb of God refers to the Apocalypse, while the words relating to the Virgin are the ones that were recited in the evening. The halo of the Archangel Gabriel repeats the salute addressed to the Virgin, the introduction to any religious function dedicated to Mary. The figures are characterized by an inscription or an attribute, while the presence of many saints bearing the names of members of the Gaddi family in the foreground provides support for the hypothesis that they were the clients. The only saint facing the observer is Thomas Aquinas. The pages of his open book are inscribed with quotations from the Bible and a summary of his dialogue with Christ on the Cross. It is the Te Deum that marks the beginning of the liturgical year, the highest hymn of praise composed to glorify Christ and his Church.

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