Virgin of the Rocks

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In 1428, Da Vinci came over to Milan and painted Virgin of the Rocks. The painting was still about traditional subjects, but the figures and the deep grotto and the detailed depiction of the plants among stone and the cliff proofed that Da Vinci used chiaroscuro. That made the panting more realistic, the painting and skill had reached a new level. All the elements in oil painting showed the new art conception. The artistic painting process, the mysterious landscape, the well merging of the figures and the environment, the used of the light and the graceful figures set off by the noble aesthetic.
The painting subject was the little baptizer St. John presented himself to Christ. The figures were arranged in the beautiful and mystical stone landscape. The figures virgin, children and angle sat on the floor directly, the fog and air showed amazing artistic atmosphere that the Flanders Painting and Venice school seldom showed. The whole painting was like a far dream with warm feeling and graceful painting style. The young mother carried little John with one hand, and another hand stretch out to Christ. The angle looked out of the painting and pointed at the scene. The gestures represented protection, indication blessing meanings, etc.
The figures were arranged in a pyramid shape. Da Vinci attached the importance of the art structure that leads the pyramid shape of the classical figure composition in high Renaissance. In this painting, Da Vinci brought the gods to custom life. They looked lively and nice. The peaceful atmosphere was amazing. Mary and Christ were family members. Meanwhile, the painting was full of hints and symbolization. What’s meaning of the angle’s pointing at St. John? What’s meaning of the grotto shape?

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