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Mona Lisa - The enigmatic smile

Mona Lisa is famous than any other art work in the world. This oil painting soused many judgments and appraise. It was recorded that the woman Mona Lisa in the painting was a banker’s wife in Florence. She was born in 1479; the portrait painting was finished during her 24~27 years old.
In the painting, Mona Lisa showed a delicate smile. Here facial expression was telling her joy in heart. Leonardo depicted the enigmatic smile with talented painting skill. Especially her corners of the mouth and the relaxing face made her smile peaceful and meaningful. That was a typical well educated woman’s manner in Italy. In art history, the enigmatic smile was mentioned time and time again.
Da Vinci spent 4 years on this portrait painting. When he finished the art, he didn’t want to hand it over to Mona Lisa’s husband or any others. When Da Vinci accepted the invitation from French king, he brought the painting to France. Da Vinci passed away in France. That’s why Mona Lisa was collected in Louvre, France.
In so many years, people keep talking about Mona Lisa’s smile. The smile looks like changing in time. Seeing the painting in different time, people have different experience. By her face, her lips and her eyes, we feel the quietly elegant inner world. By her hands, we can see the fine and accurate structure, natural and lively.
Mona Lisa’s sitting posture and her arms were painted in a triangle composition. She looked dignified and steady. The dark cloth and the fine texture contracted with her bright skin. The tone showed a lively rhythm. Da Vinci adapted chiaroscuro skill on the turning of face, breast and hands. The painting background included bridge, river, bushes and road which disappeared in a far sight. The hazy view set off the figure and pushed out a deep and far space for the painting.The original size of Mona Lisa is 77x53cm. It is collecting in Louvre.

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