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The Last Supper

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The Last Supper was a fresco painting. The ingenious painting composition and the consummate art structure made people like seeing the scene in a real life.
The artist depicted the scene that Christ had the last supper with 12 apostles. The painting showed different psychology when Christ declared one of the 12 apostles had betrayed him.
Da Vinci designed Christ as a stable triangle in the center of the painting and his position is the losing point of the perspective. The 12 people were separated into two groups besides Christ. The space was big enough to set off Christ position.
The building perspective in the background created a deep and far eye sight. The opened doors pushed out simple and far distance with light.
In the painting, the 12 apostles showed different gesture, facial expression. They fear, angry, doubt and nervous. Only Christ keep peaceful manner and restrain. His silence showed great psychology strength. Da Vinci depicted people’s different character based on the art subject. The 13 people had different disposition, they echoed each other.
As an art union, The Last Supper was created as an ideal art result.
The painting may be rated as one of the art treasure in history. After this painting, the western painting art developed into the high Renaissance.

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