Painting Quality

Our oil painting quality and service are the basic elements that we can win in our business.
We have a strict quality control system to guarantee the best quality of different painting subjects and art movement.
In this page, you can view some painting photos from our finished orders.
How to get the best quality? Better quality image for the painting:
Image with the better color tone, more exact details than the one in our website, please contact us before painting.
If you want to paint any paintings, please browse our website to choose the images that you like. Then you can confirm the order on line with the suitable sizes. We’ll arrange the most suitable artist for your orders. We’ll show you the painting photo when we finish the painting.
For the painting images that you can’t find from our website, please send us before painting. We can accept sending painting images by mail, Express.
For a painting even you can find the image from our website if you want to use the image from yourself, you can also send us the images by mail or email.
The artist level is the most important element for the oil painting quality. Our artists are all professional by different painting subjects and style. They are graduated from different academic schools. In the art market, we are competitive by the fine art quality and reasonable price.